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Support Local Business Owners

For years, I supported buying local but there’s a big difference between Local Business and Local Business Owners. Walmart, Target and Lowes are local businesses but their owners are not our neighbors. Local business owners LIVE here. Many of them were born here. Local business owners have been a vital component of our community for centuries. Big retail and service companies are moving in at an alarming rate. Our Local Business Owner community is shrinking.


From now on, I will support Local Business Owners only. As publisher of Direct Mail Workz, I promise to support, promote and campaign for Local Business Owners ONLY.


“The Advocate for Local Biz Owners” will be the new tag line under the title of each of our six direct mail publications. When space is available, I will show the pros and cons and high light the difference between Local Business Owners and Local Business. I may even feature a Local Business Owner of the month.


I would like to start a group that will campaign, build awareness and promote Local Business Owners. We can even have a Local Biz Owners trade show. Your input, support and participation are welcome. I just bought LocalBizOwners.com domain.


Bob Rodriguez, a local business owner since 1980.

Direct Mail Workz and Graphic Works



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